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Signatures for Keep Easyjet flights Liverpool-Brussels

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1 VickyVan den Bergh  
2 TiagoHenriques I use this route around 3 times each month
3 GeorgeClayton we have been going to belgium for years and choose to go from liverpool because its alot calmer than manchester and we would like it to stay.
4 PeterMay  
5 GeorgieBurrows  
6 Rolf-VidarJohansen I moved to Brussels not too long ago and looked forward to going to Liverpool quite a lot. Keep the route in the air!!!
7 GeorgeRandall My family regularly use this route. Please keep it open!
8 NeilRobertson Please keep this route it has been excellent and I have been a happy frequent customer
9 MikeBrown Please restore route its a great facility
10 PaulArblaster  
11 ElisabethNeefs Keep the planes between Liverpool and Brussels fying!
12 JoanInfante  
13 LauraTack  
14 ThomasVadakkel Keep the planes between Liverpool and Brussels fying!
15 PriyaPaul  
16 JarekMoeglich  
17 EllenVandenbroeck  
18 DominikaKurek-Chomycz  
19 ElsAgten  
20 liesbethjacops keep it!
21 GergelyJuhász I have travelled a number of times between Brussels and Liverpool during the past year, and the flights were almost completely full. Keep it running!
22 AlanYardley Why, oh why, oh why. Please tell us the reason
23 steveholmes I work for the RAF at SHAPE (NATO HQ) and my family live at liverpool. I would be able to visit them more and use this facility more if it was available
24 AndrewMcKay  
25 AoifeWhite Very sorry to see this route go, it was an essential link for business to continental Europe - and valuable to me for visiting and receiving visits from family.
26 colinscaife  
27 DavidScott I love Belgium. Can't believe I won't be able to go with easyjet this year!
28 TomBarry  
29 kirstenSmallshaw  
30 BryanEwing I found the direct flight into Brussels ideal for my visits. Now will have inconvenience of going via Antwerp.
31 RachelHarland  
32 CarolWheeler Please reconsider this decision
33 HeinBoterberg  
34 DavidSmith I fly to Brussels regularly and Easyjet abandonding the route is a great dissapointment.
35 TerenceLomas  
36 EdwardAlkins  
37 petermcevoy this has been our mode of travel to belgium every week for two years . very disappointed in easy jet. wil not use them to travel anywhere again. peter mcevoy.
38 JohnGulesserian Since easyjet stopped I am taking Ryanair ,horrible people.It was a great service,please start again
39 MyriamFessi  
40 TimBeyer Helm I do not understand why easyJet stopped this useful, often busy route between Liverpool and Brussels. It connected two hubs, providing a valuable service for many in both cities and beyond. It could have grown further with some extra easyJet marketing.
41 AlisonGuest only alternative is Manchester - Brussels at 4x the price and m.c airport is harder to get too!
42 reehanashakir don't abandon this rout this is the best route ever , I fly to Belgium every year and this is the route I can find , its also cheap thank you
43 PeredurRoberts  
44 AndyJohn totally in support of re-opening a liverpool to brussels route.
45 DylanGorman We need this route! As a touring band who often play in Belgium we sometimes have fly out shows and this flight was always used by us once or twice or even three times a year! Bring it back!!
46 WilliamKearney Please restore route
47 MargaretCoakly Keep the planes between Liverpool and Brussels fying
48 BrigitteLehmann I can understand that 6 days a week was too much, but you could fly at least twice a week, so we could spend the weekend in Liverpool.It's just an idea to increase tourism.